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Corporate Brand

This is the visual, verbal and behavioural shorthand encapsulating the DNA of the company – what it wants to be known for – and is one of the starting points for developing a reputation.

Every organisation has a unique style, character and way of doing things. Small, tightly knit organisations tend understand this more or less instinctively because each member of the team knows the others and they work closely together. Larger, or more dispersed, organisations can’t do this and need something more formal to hold it together and form a corporate memory.

A formalised Corporate Brand is a key element of this.

Bridgewell has experience in developing and managing corporate brands to meet the needs of organisations with very differing requirements, from simple corporate identity programs to major strategic realignments with multi-lingual and multi-cultural implications.

As a result of this experience we have developed a process – TripleAspect – that is quick, simple and flexible to apply which models the core elements of a corporate brand and provides a visual and verbal touchstone for expression of it. The process is both analytical and creative and provides a very cost effective alternative to traditional ‘Big Fish’ techniques.

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