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Corporate reporting

What we do

Corporate Reporting – strategy, best practice and compliance

Strategy development: This is the heart of what we do in Corporate Reporting and everything flows from here. We get to know you, your organisation and your audiences, outside in and inside out, and then work with you to get to an optimal solution.

Benchmarking and best practice: using FTSE100 stats is a useful starting point, but what we do tends to be more specific, detailed and, we like to think, useful.

Compliance: UKCGC, OFR, DTR, EBR blah blah – the irreducible core of Reporting and a minefield in perpetual motion. Our job is to help you get it right so people in high places don’t start getting embarrassing letters from the regulators. We built our Targeting Transparency model to act as a secure framework and show how compliance can be the launch pad for good communication. Now there’s an interesting concept!

Content planning: Most reports follow a similar pattern dictated by the narrative logic, but every client is different and one size does not fit all. Print page plans and digital site maps are the key tools here, from outline skeletons to very detailed maps with page thumbnails, paragraph headings and specific word counts. We do this in close co-operation with print managers and information architects in order to meet the requirements of the different channels and to get the most cost-effective solution, especially where print is concerned.

Messaging: Our Targeting Transparency model really comes into play here, using all the information gathered and the understanding of your key audiences to generate the right key messages. There is a very close interaction at this point with the copywriters and designers to ensure that engagement and impact is maximised and that the corporate brand is reflected properly.

Channel use: Interesting call – trends are all over the place and the debate goes on. We have been involved in everything, from a move to a completely web based report, to a reversion to pdf, and most points in between. Ask us about Reporting Centres and Smart pdfs.

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