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What we do

Science as the precursor to art

This is the start point for every assignment we undertake and provides vital information, as intelligence is crucial for good planning.

Audience research, stakeholder mapping and analysis

Who are they really? What do they think of you? How do they interact? Which are the ones that truly matter – your real stakeholders? What is the best way to address them?

All crucial questions and ones that need a clear understanding of the answers, because that influences everything that follows.

We use various techniques, both in the field and at the desk, and models to gather this data and analyse it.


What are others doing? What’s going on in your marketplace? How do you compare? How big is the gap? Does the gap matter?

But a word of caution; benchmarking has to be treated with care as it can provide a weapon for the risk averse and a reason for inertia. By all means adopt good ideas with pride, but sometimes only fresh thinking will do.

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